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Ozone Generated Iron Filter for Sulfur and Iron

Ozone Generated Iron Filter for Sulfur and Iron


Ozone has been proven to have a much higher disinfection
potential compared to all other disinfectants available for use
today. It effectively kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites
in the media bed, including those causing human disease and
food spoilage.
Naturally occurring from sunlight, ultraviolet rays and
lightning, ozone is nature’s way of controlling bacteria growth
within our environment.
Unlike other water treatment processes, ozone oxidation is a
natural, chemical-free process that produces zero wastewater
and leaves behind oxygen molecules much like the ones in
the air we breath.


Safe Chemical Free Disinfection
Ozone has been proven to kill bacteria faster than chlorine, eliminat-
ing the need for traditional chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide or
chlorine typically used to disinfect water. The Enhanced Oxidation
Generator (EOG) manufactured by Ozotech effectively disinfects the
media bed and is safe for the environment including septic systems.
Easy to Install - Built to Last
The EOG unit is easy to install and leverages the power of natural
ozone technology to improve water quality without the use of
harmful chemicals. With minimal maintenance costs, the EOG helps
to keep the Nelsen Water Treatment filter control head clean, extend-
ing filter life and saving you money. With just a few steps, the com-
pact EOG mounts directly onto the Nelsen control valve. The system
includes the patented stainless steel Ozotech CD cell and features an
all-weather enclosure.
Low Maintenance
With no chemicals or pumps to maintain, the EOG requires very little
maintenance. The system is also energy efficient drawing only
milliamps per day.
Improves Water Quality
Ozone is proven to destroy microorganisms and oxidizing
minerals such as iron and magnesium instantly and effectively
without harmful residue. The system will also assist in eliminating
unwanted odors such as rotten egg, stale, or musty smells.
How an Ozone Generator Works
An ozone generator produces ozone by passing oxygen or dry air
through a high voltage electrical field or corona. The O2 bond is split,
freeing oxygen atoms

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